Edwards County Ranch

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912,000 Acres in Edwards co up for lease. TYPES: Year-Round & Seasonal, MLD Property


12,000 Acres in Edwards co up for lease. MLD property, axis pigs turkey. Looking for the right group or company that is looking for a turn key guided hunting experience. over 22 hunting blinds and feeders, 3,000 dirt runway. Lodge that sleeps up to 10. These would be 4-5 day hunts with all meals provided. 50-80 doe possible and 50-60 buck. This includes an October cull, management, doe hunt for 6-8 hunters. 12-15 trophy bucks during 2-3 4 day hunts between November and January with culls, doe management axis and pigs taken as well. A helicopter pig hunt in February or early March. and a couple axis turkey hunts in the spring fall.
STATUS: Available


Cell Phone: 325-226-8081

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