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Apply for Hote/Motel Occupany Tax Funds

Please read carefully the Hotel Occupany Tax (hereon refered to as 'HOT') guidelines before completing this application. The guidelines provide an explanation of the "two-part" test as well as the nine (9) categories of activities that govern how revenue from the HOT may be used. Click here to view / download a copy of the guidelines.

The document also describes the criteria on which applications will be evaluated and the required documentation that must be submitted with each application. As a condition of accepting grant funds, the applicant agrees to provide the City of Sonora with a full financial accounting of the event within sixty (60) days of the event's conclusion.

Part I - Event / Program

Part II - Hot Fund Amount Requested

Part III - Budget

A budget for the proposed event / program is required to be submitted, including all revenue sources and expenditures. Schedules may be attached to the application. A sample worksheet is available and can be modified to suit the applicant's event. Please contact us to request sample worksheets.

Part IV - Management of the Organization and Subject Event / Program

Part V - Community and Economic Impact

Part VI - Marketing and Media Coverage

Part VII - Post Event / Program Report

A report is required to be submitted within sixty (60) days of completion of the event/program. The completed information may be emailed to (to be determined) or delivered to City of Sonora offices. Failure to submit a post event / program report could affect reimbursement and impact future recommendations for HOT funds.

Part VIII - Certification

I understand the State of Texas limitations placed on use of HOT funds and certify that the requested funds will be used only for purposes described in the Sonora Tourism Steering Committee guidelines.

Part IX - Submit Your Application

Please print a copy of your completed application for your records BEFORE submitting the form. Once you have printed a copy, please submit your form for review by clicking the 'send application' button below. You will not be able to submit your application if ANY of the fields in the application above have been left blank.

Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Guidelines

Application forms are available online at or may be picked up at the Chamber of Commerce office. Applicants must submit a completed application and provide required support documentation.

Completed applications will be accepted online via the digital form on this page or may be delivered to the Chamber of Commerce office.

Multiple applications from a group will be accepted. However, each event / program must have a separate application and budget.

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